Christina Aguilera to honor Tina Turner in a special tribute but is she right for the job?

Christina Aguilera will honor Tina Turner in a special tribute at the 
Rock Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony on October 30th.
Booked and busy: If it's one thing about Christina her team keeps her visible. 
A lot of people would have preferred Beyoncé. She has modelled her entire career after Tina Turner. Eat the cake Anna Mae. Eat the cake! Beyoncé's messiness might have ruined any future tribute which is a shame. At the same time, prime Christina would have been more than qualified to do this tribute. What about now? Can you imagine Christina singing 'A Fool In Love' only to tar the song with strained belts, and throaty uncontrolled runs? On the other hand, she might just pleasantly surprise us. 


Anonymous said...

I forgot about Beyonce drunk in love lyrics... I wonder did her & Tina have a conversation about that because she always said nice things about Beyonce & vice versa.

Toya said...

I wonder that myself sometimes.

Gio said...

Christina is more than qualified. Her Grammy tribute to James Brown is ranked as one of the greatest Grammy moments of all time. Her performance in Burlesque could easily take on A Fool In Love. Her new Spanish release is killing it world wide.