Beyoncé goes on social media frenzy as her new song ❝Be Alive❞ starts trending...

Beyoncé hasn’t even announced or acknowledged her new song Be Alive, 
but it was trending on social media today.
Further discussions arised following the London Film Festival screening 
of Will Smith's 'King Richard' last night.

As we know, Beyoncé's song 'Be Alive' is featured on the film's soundtrack, but won't be released until November 12th. Many sources are saying that sonically, 'Be Alive' is the younger sibling to Bey's 'Lemonade' cut 'Freedom.' According to filmmaker Gregory Ellwood, something else is coming from Beyoncé and it isn't just 'Be Alive.' He hints at a music video (see screenshot below). Ellwood is the same insider that announced the song exclusively. Could we also be getting a music video premiere on November 12th? So while buzz for the song has returned, Beyoncé does what Beyoncé does best on social media: slays us with more fashion posts!