Beyoncé previews new song ❝Be Alive❞ in ❝King Richard❞ trailer ♫♫

Beyoncé gives fans a preview of her new song, ❝Be Alive,❞ which can be heard in the new trailer 
for the upcoming movie King Richard starring Will Smith.
The drum-heavy empowerment anthem, which Beyoncé wrote with Roc Nation artist Dixson, 
serves as Bey’s first music since ❝Black Parade in June 2020.
The film is about how Richard Williams empowered his daughters Venus and Serena Williams to dominate the sport of tennis. Will Smith revealed in an interview with Entertainment Weekly that 'Be Alive' came about after a screening of the film, which inspired Beyoncé to write the song. “The marriage of a movie and a song is a kind of magic that's unmatched in entertainment, I was so happy when Beyoncé called," he said. And so are the BeyHive since the thirst for new music is real.


Scoopz said...

Mama's serving VOCALS. Cant wait to hear the full track! 😃

Remmi said...

Don't really think I'm feeling the song - but I'm not a big fan of songs made for movies as such, particularly not any post 2000.

Toya said...

It has soundtrack vibes to it. It's alright but I'm not overly crazy about it from what I can hear of it. I'm glad she's singing though. I hope we get more of that on the new album.