Candace Owens says ❝Rust❞ Shooting is Alec Baldwin’s Karma for being a Trump critic...

Conservative pundit Candace Owens has dubbed Alec Baldwin's ❝ Rust❞ shooting 
 ❝ poetic justice❞ for being Donald Trump's critic. 
On the New Mexico film set of his film ❝ Rust,❞ actor Alec Baldwin accidently killed 
cinematographer Halyna Hutchins and injured another 3 days ago.
The tragic incident which eerily mirrors that of Brandon Lee, occurred after Baldwin fired a prop gun apparently loaded with an unknown projectile. Owens indicates this is Karma for Baldwin painting Donald Trump and his supporters as ❝evil murderers.❞ We know this sell-out of a Trump-loving woman loves to spam us with her trolling tweets, but now is simply not the time. Always be careful what you put out into the universe, because by her logic it’s only a matter of time before that very karma comes back round to you. Check out her disturbing tweets below. 
Via OnSite.


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She needs help.