Christina Aguilera celebrates new song ❝Pa Mis Muchachas❞ rocking a flaming red wig...

Christina Aguilera celebrates Spanish new single by stepping out in a flaming 
red wig, gray snakeskin-print coat and matching bodysuit.
Before partying in Los Angeles, Christina released the sultry visuals for ❝Pa Mis Muchachas,❞ 
which also features Becky G, Nicki Nicole, and Nathy Peluso. 
The song serves as the lead single from her upcoming Spanish-language album due this Fall and beyond. Seems fiery red is the look she is going for this era. Her face is almost as orange as that horrible high density wig (the promo photo below is even worse), but are we going to call her a blackfisher too? 


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Mymy said...

Her father is a white Hispanic, so I guess she is ethnic. Idk

Dayvid said...

Christina looks good especially for a 41 year old woman but keep reaching with the trite blackfishing remarks.

Jrocka said...

Nah Xtina always slept in a tan machine she’s ethnic and she never was a culture vulture! I don’t consider her to be blackfishing

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