Chlöe Bailey visits ❝The Breakfast Club❞: Spills on solo debut album & more...

Press Play: Chlöe Bailey opens up about Beyoncé comparisons, dishes on debut 
solo album and addresses online critics during a visit to The Breakfast Club.  
A debut solo album is expected in 2022, and Chlöe is very excited.

Social media bothers her sometimes (we can tell), but at least people are talking and her name is out there. 
 She “does too much” because she has so much passion and fire for music, and it comes out on stage. 
 Apart from the obvious Beyoncé influence, she’s very influenced by Kelis, and 'Bossy' was an inspiration for 'Have Mercy.'
 Beyoncé is a very motivating, inspirational mentor.
⚪ The Beyoncé comparisons are great, but new artists should be allowed time to grow into themselves outside of comparisons as well.
 Believing in herself is the toughest part of creating a solo album, but the actual creation process is smoother because she’s always used her music as therapy for herself.
⚪ She wrote 'Have Mercy' in April in response to all of the online talk about her showing off her body more. 
⚪ Women tell her that she inspires them to be more confident.
⚪ She appears to be the most confident person ever, but what people see is actually what she’s trying to grow into.
 She wants to musically collaborate with Beyoncé and Doja Cat.
 She is excited for Adele's new album.
 She doesn't remember infamously licking the mic during her recent VMAs performance, but says she is a germaphobe (huh?)
 It is no big deal if people are respecting the music or just her as a person because at least they’re talking.
 She is producing her debut solo album and the album is 85% done.
 Is Beyoncé on the album? She doesn’t say but remarks that she hopes they can collaborate soon while giggling.
 She wants to release more singles first before dropping her debut solo album since she’s technically a new artist.
 Her parents are very supportive of her sexier image.


Jrocka said...

Her personality is really likable and seems to be a sweet girl…I like the approach she’s taking dropping singles to garner fans before dropping the album to see what ppl prefer.

Anonymous said...

Chloe team is A1, She did 6 MAJOR interviews in 2 days...