Nicki Minaj attacks Leigh-Anne Pinnock & defends Jesy Nelson’s blackfishing...

During a shocking Instagram Live today to promote their new single ❝Boyz,❞ Nicki Minaj defended Jesy Nelson's blackfishing, and literally dragged Little Mix's Leigh-Anne Pinnock for taking issue with it. 
“If you wanted a solo career babygirl just say that… If that’s how you felt, 
why were you kiki’ing with her and being in videos with her for 10 years…”

In a 12-minute profanity-filled rant about the situation, she calls Leigh-Ann "jealous" and "a clown," after leaked screenshots allegedly show Leigh-Ann criticizing Jesy for “blackfishing,” and urging an influencer to do a video about it. She tells Leigh-Ann to "shove her messages up her muthaf"ckin ass!" Jesy just sat there and laughed while Nicki went in on Leigh-Anne to 100K viewers. Of course this isn't a good look for Nicki dragging another black woman for speaking up about blackfishing. Now they're BOTH getting dragged and rightfully so.


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SoheeDoll said...

All I know is... Jesy was blackfishing in Little Mix and Leigh-Ann didn't have an opinion about then... why speak on it now?

Remmi said...

Oh Lord, what a mess 😆 and it seemed to me like Nicki was low-key shading Jesy whilst "defending" her. It's all just getting a bit out of hand now over a song and video that really isn't worth the hoopla.

RL said...

This is out of hand and the gloves are off. If Jesy can sit and laugh while Leigh-Anne is being dragged, they really aren't on good terms.

Regardless of all the drama, "Boyz" still sucks. ��

Min said...

That live was so uncomfortable to watch. I feel really bad for Leigh-Anne, she gave birth to twins literally weeks ago and is now in this mess.

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