Nicki Minaj doubles down on the Leigh-Ann attacks...

Nicki Minaj continues to shade Little Mix’s Leigh-Anne with her latest Instagram caption, 
which she has now edited, and proceeds to write direct shady tweets about Leigh-Ann on Twitter. 
She also comes for Leigh-Ann's best friend for  blackfishing,❞  and likes tweets 
about the group on Twitter who she collaborated with on their 2018 single  Woman Like Me.

Now if you think things have gotten out of hand, it certainly has now. There was also another UK artist she was passive aggressive towards recently. They too collaborated. Remember poor Jesse J? "Chile..." Nicki girl, you're doing waaaaay too much. Jesy may be kiki'ing about this on the sidelines thinking this behaviour is cute, but all this just shows is that one day clown Barbie could very well turn on YOU too. After Nicki gets paid to feature on YOUR song, she will put on her cape. But, beware. That chick is NOT your friend. She will turn on you the minute you say something she does not like. If Nicki weren't on this track, she would not have cared either way. Nicki has no loyalty to anyone. The only loyalty Nicki has is to her sex offender husband... and that is the gotdamn truth.



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RL said...

Doing way too much.

RL said...

Also, it is funny Nicki is calling someone out about having the media put out a bad story, when that is literally what Remy and others have said she did the very same thing.

Remmi said...

Over it all now. It's not a good look for either 3 of them.

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