Tinashe’s newest photoshoot for ❝Refinery29❞...

Tinashe is giving Bellsprout plant vibes meets Kermit the frog in a new photoshoot for Refinery29.
“I feel liberated, like I have an entirely fresh confidence, compared to a couple years ago when I could just 
tell that my self-confidence as a creative was diminishing,” Tinashe says. “Creatively, I’m unlimited.”

Losing the budget and resources of a major label comes at a cost. Tinashe, not allowing that to be an issue, has used it to her advantage and does it very well. Some artists do not want to do the lonesome heavy lifting required in being an independent artist or they just don't have the tenacity to put themselves through it. After all, it takes graft, hustle, ambition and determination to make it work and succeed. The work that it takes is sometimes undervalued. Read her entire interview at refinery29.com



Jrocka said...

I really like Tinashe and indie route really suits her. She keeps her fans fed