Adele’s new album ❝30❞ has a song called, ❝I Drink Wine,❞ see tracklist now...

The tracklist for Adele’s new album ❝30❞ has been revealed. 
The newly released tracklist features a song called ❝I Drink Wine.
A wine company teetering on the edge somewhere... is hoping to win the Adele lottery with that all important name drop. Being able to rake in a fortune this Christmas following a Covid-hit economy would serve as a blessing. If it's Prosecco, then I guess we will ALL be drinking Prosecco this Christmas! The 'Easy On Me'-led project will have 12 tracks, while the Target deluxe edition adds three bonus cuts including a remix of 'Easy On Me' featuring Chris Stapleton. New album '30' is due November 19th. Check out the tracklist below.


Jrocka said...

This is the first album of hers as im interested in since she said she worked with Max Martin and others for some uptempo songs so I figured Easy On Me was a safe single just to remind the audience that she will still have her traditional songs in the mix