Doja Cat is complaining about the demands of her career... AGAIN!

Doja Cat is over the interviews and photo shoots; she just 
wants to create new music and play video games instead.
Looks like someone is also missing their incel chat rooms. Doja Cat says she hasn’t had fun in five years and hates feeling pressured to take photos. Sounds like she needs a therapist and then call it a day! If not, maybe take a year off to recharge her batteries? I really enjoy Doja's music but her profanity-filled rants complaining about the demands of her career are starting to become tired and exhausting. 

She was not catapulted to fame by her parents in the same way that Michael Jackson, Britney Spears and even Beyoncé was. As a young adult, she CHOSE this career for herself. She was not forced into it. It's naive for any artist to think they can just come into an industry and only deal with the fun side of creating their art without having to encounter all the other crazy stuff along with it. 

A lot of artists can only wish to have a fraction of her success right now; topping charts, performing at every festival and award show, winning accolades left and right. Her type of popularity brings in demand. Yes, Michael and Britney did complain in some of their interviews. But they did not complain when they were famous for only two years.
It was much later after they had proven themselves where eventually they were able to exercise their right to do interviews and photo shoots only when they wanted to.  Beyoncé doesn't even do them any more! A lot of people DO complain about their jobs but not publicly. If they went on Facebook and publicly criticised the company for overworking them on minimum wage, this would result in instant dismissal. If their boss caught wind of those posts, they would get the sack for breach of contract. Many of us don't like our jobs. Many people don't come from privileged backgrounds and have to work their asses off. Of course it sucks, but that's life. 
One of my former co-workers once said to me that the only reason he works his ass off while he is still young (and by working his ass off, we're talking 70-hours a week) is because once he reaches his 50s he just wants to chill.  

Amala can always retire after her slave contract comes to an end. It's not news that the industry is brutally cut-throat and not for the weak. Beyoncé is 40 now. She no longer has to work as hard because the strenuous hard work she put in during her teens, 20s and even 30s means she gets to control her career without anyone placing demands. Rihanna hasn't released an album in almost 6 years. She's reached that level of success where she doesn't have to anymore. Her and Beyoncé have made their f*ck you money and can live their life how they see fit. Honestly, today's artists are absolutely nothing like the pop stars of the late 90s. They didn't have the social media era to help market themselves. More work had to be put in.


RL said...

Diddy said it best, "it get dark and lonely at the top." If you wanna be the "it girl" it comes at a price.

Toya said...

I remember wanting to be famous but I'm so glad I don't have that life now. I'd rather work behind the scenes as a writer or something.