Janet Jackson is back in rehearsals & showing us she’s tour shape ready...

Janet Jackson is posting full body shots of herself 
looking fab, so that could only mean one thing...
Ms Jackson is tour shape ready, ya'll!

Oh, she's coming alright and she looks amazing. Janet rarely posts full body shots of herself so you know something is brewing! If fans recall, Janet was supposed to release her ❝Black Diamond❞ album and start a tour (of the same name) in 2020 but the pandemic happened, and it had to be cancelled indefinitely. In September, it appeared her PR team had prematurely announced that her ❝Black Diamond❞ album would be released in January 2022 via her label, Rhythm Nation Records. This being a date that would coincide with her two-night Lifetime documentary event also slated for January. 

On this new album, Janet is said to have worked with long-term collaborators Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, as well as founding Earth, Wind & Fire member Ralph Johnson, Darrell Randle, Siedah Garret and Marcel East.  Janet reportedly told People magazine that the lead single will be dropping before the end of 2021. We only have four weeks to go literally. Watch this space!


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