Mariah Carey’s ❝All I Want for Christmas Is You❞ is now certified DIAMOND by the RIAA.

According to a preview of ❝The Magic Continues,❞ Mariah Carey's ❝All 
I Want for Christmas Is You❞ is certified DIAMOND by the RIAA. 
As a result of this, Mariah is now the second female artist to have both a diamond single and diamond album. The first? Taylor Swift's ❝Shake It Off❞ was certified diamond on March 13th, 2020, making Swift the first female artist in US history to have both a diamond-certified single and album (2008's ❝Fearless.❞) 

However, Mariah serves as the first female 90s artist to have a diamond song and album. All the rest of the girls can go home because this is literally Mariah’s time of year. 

A lot of artists record Christmas music but Mariah's song is the type of song you don't really want to like. Yet, you just can't help it because it is so damn catchy and addictive! Not only does it capture the light, happy mood of the holidays, it is also cheery and therapeutic. 
The last few Christmases have been depressing due to the pandemic, and ❝All I Want for Christmas Is You❞ is something the world needs so badly right now. Mariah’s Apple TV+ holiday special, ❝The Magic Continues,❞ is set to debut globally on Friday, December 3rd. 


Anonymous said...

if i remember correctly, mariah has two diamond albums, doesnt she?

i hope people recognize her not only as the queen of xmas, indeed she is queen of pop n rnb. period.

RnbJDFox said...

She definitely has two 🦋 Musicbox and Daydream were both certified Diamond 💎