Adele makes it known she only wants genuine fans to attend her shows...

Adele has blocked rich gamblers getting free tickets to her Vegas 
shows because she only wants genuine fans to attend. 
She successfully lobbied bosses at the Colosseum Theatre at Caesars Palace not to give away freebies to her upcoming residency. 

Genuine fans have also lost out to scalpers and bots and those tickets will most likely never come with a free suite, champagne and massage to soften the blow of some needing to sell a kidney. 

Lastly, I wouldn't attend an Adele concert if the tickets were free and I had a front row seat. Just saying.


nil said...

hahah I attend her 25 tour over here in the Netherlands.
It was really nice to witness her once. But that's enough.
I'll just enjoy the music on spotify:-) and probably on the netflix special next year.

Toya said...

But were you entertained is the real question 🤔

Remmi said...

I watched her "An Audience With" on ITV (by mistake, fell asleep in bed with the TV on, woke up and it was starting and couldn't find the remote to turn it over) - the audience participation was clearly staged and the jokes a little forced, but I was pleasantly entertained for the most part. I think it's a different experience seeing and hearing somebody on the big stage. I wouldn't rule it out if the tickets were free basically.