Doja Cat tests positive for Covid-19 a 2nd time + cancels all iHeartRadio Jingle Ball dates...

Doja Cat has revealed she has tested positive for COVID, and
 won't be able to perform at the rest of the Jingle Ball tour.
Doja first contracted Covid-19 in July 2020. A year ago she came under fire for mocking the virus and saying she wasn't afraid of it.  
Lil Nas X and Coldplay have also withdrawn from the event after members of their respective team members tested positive for the virus.  
Doja's production team also tested positive for Covid this week.  Get well soon to all parties, and sending lots of positive energy their way.


RL said...

Looks like she is getting that break she has been wanting, sucks it is due to covid

Toya said...

I was thinking that lol. But she is still doing lives so she's not that sick.