Beyoncé reportedly looking at vinyl options for seventh studio album...

Word on the streets is that Fall vinyl releases 
are being pushed because of Beyoncé’s new album.
Allegedly, Bey's album has gone into vinyl mass production. Singer-songwriter Leon Bridges shared a conversation on his Instagram story from a friend who works for a vinyl production company. That person is spilling the tea on Beyoncé's new release claiming she has picked out vinyl styles and colours for her seventh studio project! Looks like the album is already recorded and ready to go.

This news also correlates with an insider from the ATRL forums claiming last week that many vinyl copies and CDs of Beyoncé's upcoming album are being produced in large quantities. This user is said to have accurately reported news about the releases of other artists. 

Looks like we're about to start the new year good!

Bey in Vegas last week:


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