Beyoncé loses ❝Best Original Song❞ to Billie Eilish at the Golden Globes...

Beyoncé lost out for ❝Best Original Song❞ at the Golden Globes. As expected, she did not take home the award for ❝Be Alive❞ off the ❝King Richard❞ soundtrack. This will be her fourth time snubbing from the academy.
Tina Lawson is probably somewhere throwing on her vintage Dereon cape and itching to throw shade in an Instagram post. She will probably save it for when Bey possibly fails to get an Oscars nod on February 8th. Congratulations to Billie Eilish for winning it with ❝No Time To Die.❞ 


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Remmi said...

Possibly the most unlikeable B song I've heard.

HBF82 said...

This sounds like she is supposed to win. She is not entitled to awards,on contrary. Most of the time she is average.

Sro said...

"Be Alive" really was pandering and not it. I'm not even a Billie Eilish fan but ❝No Time To Die❞ was definitely a more cinematic and worthy song.

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