Has Adele helped put physical sales back on the map?

Adele has been credited for the growth in the physical sales surge last year. The latest data says that 2021 saw a notable rise in sales of physical albums particularly in vinyls. 
In fact, vinyls have now surpassed CDs as the most sold physical format for the first time since 1991, thanks to Adele's latest album ❝30.❞ Over the years, streaming has dominated the music industry. Adele sells across all platforms in an era where many of today's artists usually do good at streaming but struggle with physical sales. 
In the UK, ❝30 shifted 600k units in 6 weeks, 500k of which were pure sales (448k physical; 53k downloads). Stateside, her album became the first and only album in 2021 to sell 1 million copies in pure sales (1.4m). Are physical CDs and vinyl albums finally making a comeback?


Joe Cola said...

Vinyl is singular and plural

Much love toya

Joe Cola said...

And yes, I feel like vinyl is making a comeback. I started collecting them last year and I’m hooked, so much that I don’t really buy cds anymore.