Kanye West defends Adele over cancelled residency backlash...

Rapper Kanye West is urging fans to go easy on Adele after she tearfully cancelled her Las Vegas residency a week ago. In an exclusive interview with The Mirror, he says: ❝There are very few artists left in the world who have genuine passion about their own creativity, what they put out and how they choose to perform.❞
He adds, ❝Adele is one of the true creative storytellers we have left. I am in awe of the work she does. If she wasn’t comfortable with the direction of the show in Vegas then she should be respected for not being just another manufactured act. No artist wants to disappoint their fans, but you have to be confident you are giving the fans the best you can. People need to go easy on her. The same people who put abuse online are usually the same people who have #BeKind on their social media.❞ 

It's easy for a billionaire rapper to dismiss the little people that found themselves taking out loans for flights and accommodation just to have her cancel on them at the last minute. Is she going to reimburse them or... does #BeKind only qualify to certain people?