New music videos from Ella Mai & Tinashe, plus Doja Cat trailer...

This month, we got new music videos from Ella Mai and Tinashe, while another one from Doja Cat is forthcoming. Ella is letting her guard down to love on new single ❝DFMU (Don’t F*ck Me Up).❞ 
The Mustard-produced slow burner serves as the first single from her long-awaited sophomore album. On a faster paced note, a crystal ball certainly isn't needed to know that Tinashe can dance her butt off, which is exactly what we get with futuristic visualized 333 fusions of ❝X❞ and ❝I Can See the Future.❞ As for more future comings, get ready for the rest of Doja Cat's intergalactic journey with the video trailer for ❝Get Into It (Yuh).❞ Check out all of the action below, if you missed it.