Beyoncé’s Super Bowl XLVII ranked as best ever female halftime by NBC

NBC ranks Beyoncé’s 2013 Super Bowl performance as the best female halftime show in HISTORY. This is quite the accomplishment! Beyoncé did really well with this performance. 
From the set design and effects, right on down to the power outrage afterwards, Beyoncé REALLY delivered. The criticism was that the actual performance was nothing new from Beyoncé. There were no new choreography or anything. Basically, it was stuff we'd seen from Beyoncé many times before. However, this was the whole point. People wanted the hits. They wanted to see a strutting Sasha Fierce. They wanted to see Beyoncé dance her ass off in heels and sing live. They wanted to see this woman in her element, and she gave them that. 
Beyoncé's Super Bowl performance was pure, elaborate, over-the-top, in your face entertainment. After Michael Jackson and Prince, she certainly set the precedent in the history of Super Bowl performances!

As for the rest of this list... ugh... so wrong!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Beyonce KILLED this performance & When Kelly Popped up looking like a supermodel I completely lost it......

Anonymous said...

3.Bruce Springsteen
4.Bruno Mars
5.Bruno & Beyoncè saving Coldplay's set

I love Michael Jackson but I gotta be honest, aside from his intro, his SB performance was NOT IT! The set list was weak & it felt like he rushed it. Also, take away the props, Katy Perry's performance was decent at best! The best part of her show was Missy Elliot's appearance.

Gia said...

A condensed version of her Coachella show would have been impossible to beat