Jesy Nelson hits the recording studio with

Earlier this week, a defiant Jesy Nelson teased a new collaboration with sharing a slew of snaps of them together in a Los Angeles recording studio. 
Musically I've never been a fan of Surely he cannot be hurting that bad for a pay cheque that he'd align himself with the very mediocre Jesy Nelson. Although he's worked with the equally untalented Cheryl, that was back in the day when his career was still popping and he knew how to churn out a hit. Throwing a popular rapper like Nicki Minaj on her first single didn't help Jesy get a hit. What makes think he can do any better?


RL said...

Being that Jesy has only released one single since leaving LM, I don't see why she didn't just stick it out, because she has a bad reputation now. Outside of the tour, the group is pretty much done.