Summer Walker unable to perform some of her new songs

At a recent concert, Summer Walker told her fans that the songs from her new album ❝Still Over It❞ were written about her real life and that her pain was too fresh to perform them live. 
People BUY her albums because they enjoy her music. When they buy tickets to her shows they want to see her perform those very songs live. Chick has the stage presence of a wet mop so the least she can do is perform the songs the fans pay to see her sing. She clearly isn't over London On His Back, and didn’t give herself enough healing time before officiating her new relationship with those (tacky) matching face tats.


Remmy said...

I don't really understand the hype for her or her music - I found "Over It" really slow and boring and only liked one song, largely owing to it's Usher sample. Didn't bother listen to "Still Over It". Maybe I'm just an outdated typical millennial đŸ€·đŸŒ‍♂️

Toya said...

You're not. I didn't think her album was all that either.