Normani teases new music announcement in the coming days

Normani announces that she’s going to make an announcement of an announcement. The announcement? She will be announcing her new single ❝in the next coming days,❞ and teases her upcoming single in a new TikTok. 
The fans are tired. She’s been teasing new songs for years. Her Cardi B-assisted single Wild Side came and went. Not to mention she has struggled to drop an album since embarking on her solo journey three years ago. Her label doesn't really know what to do with her. She gives pretty but serves no personality. Her songs just don't pop, and even that TikTok tease isn't really giving. She should just consider putting out an EP at this point. 


Lauryn said...

Maybe she does lack personality, but I do really like her voice. Still rooting for her

Anonymous said...

No Tea No Shade, However This Chick CANNOT Sing..... Her Voice Is Basic.COM

Anonymous said...

i dun knoe who has even less personality, ciara or normani. but at least ciara has her goodies and 1, 2 step to keep her booked.