Beyoncé hugs Jada Pinkett Smith after Oscars slapping scandal

At the Oscars, Chris Rock made a joke about Jada Pinkett Smith being in ❝G.I. Jane 2❞ due to her hair loss (alopecia). This resulted in Will Smith giving him a bitch slap during the telecast. After the incident, the Carters hung out with the Smiths and a protective Beyoncé showed support to Jada by giving her a hug. Jay-Z knows all too well about acting aggressively in his wife's honor. 
Smith has since apologised to Rock in a personalized statement. 


Remmi said...

😂 "bitch slap". It was certainly that. I think I've watched it about 100x haha. Beyonce is just too extra for my liking these days.

Nathaniel said...

She’s (Beyoncé) not even doing anything and is barely out of the house. In an era where everyone is using shock tactics for attention and being involved in scandals people are still on Beyoncé when she actually just minds her business and performs her ass off once in awhile.