Beyoncé is officially performing ❝Be Alive❞ at the Oscars!

It’s official! The Academy has announced that Beyoncé will perform her Oscar-nominated song ❝Be Alive❞ from ❝King Richard❞ at Sunday’s ceremony. This is like her first award show performance in nearly five years. The satellite performance will reportedly be taped live from the tennis courts in Compton where Venus and Serena Williams practiced with their father as youngsters. The Hive have been hungry and are about to get fed! Can she perform the trailer version instead though?  Roll on, Sunday!
Official notice:


Anonymous said...

I'm Hoping Beyonce Wins, Also David Guetta Finally Let The World Know That Kelly Rowland Is The Reason He Made It Big In American.... She Was The FIRST American Artist Asked To Work With Him.... GIVE KELLY HER FLOWER'S... When Love Takes Over Went Number ONE In 23 Countries.