Normani performs unexciting new single ❝Fair❞ on Fallon...

Normani recently debuted her HARV-produced new single ❝Fair❞ along with a debut performance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.❞ Her song is bland, boring, and tasteless. No climax, no bridge, no build-up. She is simply not vocally gifted enough (hence the autotune) to ride off such subdued music. Bring us some bops!
Normani's long-awaited debut album is reportedly due sometime this year... if it doesn't get pushed back to 2025.


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Anonymous said...

What is her LABEL waiting on? I mean how many comeback singles does she have.... I loved WAVES & Wild Side. Hated Motivation & Hated FAIR.

Unknown said...

Beautiful record, far from tasteless and well written. Really enjoyed the live version. Why so much hate for Normani?

Abraham said...

I don't know why she's hated so much. Most of the haters will never attain her wealth status. She's doing what she loves. Encourage her, keep it cute and move along....thank you

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