Janet Jackson slays her first concert in 3 years #KentuckyDerby

Dear Gen X and Xennials, now is the time to bring back those Janet Jackson basement dance parties and home neighborhood music videos. Because last night, Janet (who literally created the parents who made Gen Z) sure did show the Tik Tok crowd how it’s done. A few hours ago, she performed many of her classics and biggest hits at her first concert in three years. The concert took place during the 85 West Music Festival (Kentucky Derby) at the Lynn Family Stadium in Louisville. 

Ms Jackson came through with some color, finally! One thing about Janet is that she loves a good choreo and she eats it up every single time. Just remember, Janet is almost 60-years-old. There are artists half her age that aren't serving the type of energy this woman gives on stage. We're living in an era where artists get accoladed for doing the bare minimum thanks to the newer streaming policies! In a nutshell, this woman IS pop culture. She is the epitome of a legend. She is the blueprint and the pinnacle. She is... JANET JACKSON. Check out the highlights from her amazing set below!