Rihanna’s latest cameo, Adele’s B’Day pics + Kelly’s DC medley...

Kelly Rowland recently performed a Destiny’s Child medley at the American Heart Association’s Red Dress Collection concert. She recently spoke about a possible DC3 reunion, and this performance is certainly wetting appetites! Adele, who turned 34 yesterday, has shared some cute photos in honor of her birthday. She says she can't wait to turn 60. Imagine her next album coming out 27 years later only for her to name it ❝60❞! Rihanna makes a substantial cameo in her boyfriend A$AP Rocky's D.M.B. music video. In the visuals, he is seen proposing to Rihanna with grills that say marry me. Rihanna and Rocky are not engaged, TMZ confirms. Good! 

Adele celebrates birthday:
Beyoncé wishes Adele a happy birthday via her website: 

 Rihanna's cameo:

Kelly Rowland performs Destiny's Child medley:


Anonymous said...

After Kelly have birth to noah, Her voice has changed for the BETTER.... It's deeper & her breathe control is amazing now.