Beyoncé removes Kelis sample following stealing accusations

Just days after Kelis accused Beyoncé and producers The Neptunes of theft,  Beyoncé has taken action. She has swiftly removed an interpolation taken from Kelis's 2003 hit single  'Milkshake,' which was featured on her 'Renaissance' cut, 'Energy.' Kelis did not write or produce 'Milkshake.' However, original producers Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo of The Neptunes were in fact credited, and now their names have disappeared from the 'Energy' credits! Beyoncé clearly did not want the album tarred with any more negative "energy" (pun intended). 

She had already received criticism following backlash for her song 'Heated.' After backlash from disability activists, she removed an offensive ableist lyric from the song.  'Renaissance' is a good album and the removal of a 10-second sample certainly isn't going to make people enjoy the music any less.


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I just went back and listened to it and can hear the Milkshake sample now - it sounds like a cut and paste job with Kelis’s own vocals, in which case she had every right to be mad if she wasn’t even asked or just made aware that they were going to do it - Remi

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Those are not Kelis vocals. Someone isolated the vocals, they are in fact Bey’s In fact, it wasn’t even a sample to begin with. It was an interpolation! Nothing from the actual “Millshake” record was used.I wouldn’t have changed a damn thing.