Kelis responds to Beyoncé removing her ❝Milkshake❞ sample

Kelis says it now makes a "huge difference" since Beyoncé removed her 'Milkshake' sample off 'Energy.' The singer previously accused Beyoncé and Neptunes producers Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo of theft for using the sample without her permission (despite Kelis not owning any rights to the song). Beyoncé recently reacted by removing the sample. Why the "huge difference"? That may have to do with Kelis managing to stop Pharrell from earning any more lucrative coin from the song. 

Her win is that she stopped Pharrell's bag putting into perspective that her real issue wasn't really with Beyoncé. She had to use Beyoncé as a scapegoat just for her point to get some traction. She said what she said and got the result she wanted, so hopefully this is the end and she no longer continues to "milk" it.


Anonymous said...

Lol at “I hope Solange catches you in a elavator” 🤣🤣 - Remi

Anonymous said...

Mel is has been through a lot. Her husband recently died, and grace should be extended to her.

Beyonce needs new ideas. Stop taking other people's thoughts and making them seem like your own.

C-Note said...

Sadly, her issue is NOT with Pharrell or Chad either. Her issue is that, Jive Records probably owned her albums Tasty & Kelis Was Here!

Problem is, Jive was purchased by RCA over 10 years ago! T-Pain confirmed this is his Pull Up interview with Joe Budden a while back.