Adele checks up on the progress of her Vegas residency to avoid second calamity...

Adele was spotted yesterday boarding a flight and making her way to Las Vegas to check up on the progress of her rescheduled residency. Can you imagine if she cancelled again to announce a pregnancy? Never mind Putin's treachery, this would actually be WORLD WAR FOUR.

No one will forget one of the most unprofessional moves EVER when she cancelled a whole Vegas residency 24 hours before the first show was suppose to happen. While remaining shacked up in Rich Paul's love nest, she took a loooong time to give fans any updates, and only came back on social media to announce she was STILL shacked up with that man only because break-up rumours started floating around and it was bothering her. LMAO! Couldn't be me as a fan. I'm so glad to be a casual listener. If I had brought expensive tickets to her show I'd be FUMING! This is why she needs to perform her ass off like her life depends on it just to compensate for all of that. Hope the fans enjoy whatever it is she has planned this time.