Ciara performs new single ❝Better Thangs❞ at Kehlani’s sold-out Oakland show...

East Bay’s very own Kehlani gave fans more than they bargained for during her sold-out show at Oakland Arena last night. 

A special night it was since she was performing in her hometown during the 'Blue Water Road' tour. Not only that, she brought out a number of special guests which included Baltimore rapper Rico Nasty, JoJo and Ciara. After Kehlani started speaking about a “legend,” Ciara came out onto the stage to perform a few songs including her hits 'Goodies,' '1, 2 Step,' and brand new single, 'Better Thangs.' Seeing Kehlani fangirling over Ciara was cute but (shoot me if you want) that chick is no where near a legend. Yeah, yeah, she had some really good songs in her prime but let’s be real now. At best, Russell Wilson's wife COULD be considered an R&B and dance icon, and that's being generous.