Ashanti breaks her silence: ❝Irv Gotti flat out lied about a lot of things.❞

It serves as no coincidence Ashanti is choosing to vocally defend herself against Irv Gotti now that she has a single dropping this week. Of course it's good she is finally speaking out. However, there is no way I could have held my silence for so long with Irv spouting off his bullsh*t for well over a decade now. She recently sat down with Angie Martinez’s ❝IRL Podcast❞ where she finally addressed Irv Gotti's allegations about their secret relationship. In a clip from the interview, which airs tonight, Ashanti said, ❝Irv has flat out lied about a lot of things.❞ Ashanti lightly addressed the issue on the ❝Queens Remix❞ to Diddy’s single ❝Gotta Move On❞ featuring Bryson Tiller and Yung Miami. But it is the first time she has directly addressed Gotti's claims in an actual interview. On Friday, she is set to drop her new single, ❝Falling for You.❞ A portion of the interview can be watched below.


Anonymous said...

Girl Toya remember how your girl Rihanna waited till she started promoting Rated R to talk about the night Chris attacked her and she waited quite a while to open up about it. Sometimes a woman doesn’t need to breathe life into rumors especially when they’re created by insecure men — but in very rare cases will need to defend themselves. Yes Ashanti has a new single coming but everyone has this same formula. Just like Adele waited to address her divorce and put it all on her album.

Toya said...

Rihanna didn't wait 15 years to tell her side though. It was less than a year actually. Irv Gotti has been claiming he slept with Ashanti since 2007. It is now 2022. I guess she only just decided that she'd had enough.