Ashanti drags Irv Gotti in ❝Gotta Move On❞ remix: ❝It’s giving obsessed.❞

Irv Gotti's obsession with his former artist Ashanti has been making headlines for a few years now. It only started back up again recently when promoting his Murder Inc documentary on BET. He has often made claims that during the early years of Ashanti's career, they slept together while he was still married. Ashanti has never publicly responded to those claims, which is probably why he has doubled down on them over the years. My theory is that they DID sleep together and she's maintaining her silence because she's embarrassed about it. Young women that sleep with their bosses often get slut shamed because it is seen as doing so for a career come-up. If I was in her shoes, I'd blatantly deny it PUBLICLY. In my songs. In my interviews. And I know that would most certainly provoke his attacks even worse, just like the Mariah and Eminem situation. There is nothing worse for a man than to get his ego brutally battered especially when a woman denies sleeping with him, even if she DID. Of course (out of anger and feeling humiliated) this would provoke him to hit harder. But at the end of the day, it would only be his word against hers. Secondly, no man should be putting a woman on blast like that anyway. It is such a b*tch move.

So over the weekend, Ashanti's remix of Diddy's 'Gotta Move On' began circulating online and it appears she is using that moment to break her silence finally. Although she doesn't directly address Gotti's consistent claims that they slept together, it's obvious she was talking about him with the lyric, ❝It's giving obsessed, it's giving you stressed, it's giving you pressed, it's giving you missing the best...❞ And then she goes on to say it's been 20 years, which is when she dropped her debut album. Check out that portion of the song below.


Anonymous said...

Funny how it’s very rarely the other way around ie men denying sleeping w/women, like in Missy Elliott’s “We Did It”. Anyway I think Mariah slept with Em and the hurt expressed in “Clown” and “Obsessed” is that he blabbed to the world about it. I couldn’t care less about any exta-studio activities Irv and Ashanti got up to, with they’d just bore off about it all - Remi

Toya said...

It's not her, it's HIM. Lol. But I agree. It's getting boring.