Beyoncé & Rihanna to walk at Kanye West’s fashion show? Must be a sweet, sweet fantasy...

Aint no way! Delusions of grandeur huh? Rumours on the innanet streets is that Beyoncé and Rihanna are set to walk at Kanye West’s fashion show in Paris later tonight. He even hinted at it on Instagram. 

Now if you look at his list below, it seems almost... dream-like and mythical. Most likely another one of his gimmicks for attention. I mean, Angelina Jolie? Seriously?! There is absolutely no possibility Beyoncé would let Kanye come up off her like that. She wouldn't even promote her own album, yet she'd be willing to travel to Paris to promote a nutjob's collection? Nah. And would Rihanna really cut her Super Bowl rehearsals... for THIS?! Okay... let's just entertain the smallest possibility that this could be real, if Beyoncé and Rihanna walks in that Kanye show, baby, I will have to unstan for the rest of 2022!