Beyoncé serves to ❝Summer Renaissance❞ in new Tiffany & Co advert...

Eh? This is probably the most action fans are going to get in relation to Beyoncé's new album, ❝Renaissance.❞

Beyoncé teases what may (or may not) be the music video for her album track, ‘Summer Renaissance’ in a new campaign film for Tiffany & Co. The piece, choreographed by Fatima Robinson, ❝evokes vintage Manhattan and the escapism of 1970s club culture with a modern twist.❞ Looks like Bey is releasing 'Renaissance' visuals in snippets just to plug some jewellery. She's fully aware more people are going to watch the full advert to compensate for the lack of visuals and promotion. The Beyhive are going eat it up because she's been starving them for over two months now. It's a total mind f*ck. This can either be considered strategically smart or downright stupid. 

Beyoncé x Tiffany & Co. present ❝Lose Yourself in Love❞: