Britney Spears reveals she’s written THREE versions of her upcoming book...

Britney Spears reveals last night that she has written three versions of her upcoming book. 

While going through the process of writing her memoir, she confirms she's been having a lot of therapy lately. Despite having the therapy, she's not quite sure if it has actually been worth it. Therapy, in my personal opinion, is always worth it. Without it, she would be spiralling a lot worse than she is now. And I'm not just talking about the consistent posts (she acknowledges) where she regularly throws her family under the bus for how they treated her. Writing the book is part of that therapeutic process. Any vitriol she has towards those that wronged her should be saved for the book. I hope she crushes her father's saggy old balls in tiny vice grips and that her social media posts serve as little teasers! We know the good sis isn't going to be holding back! 

The anticipated book is rumoured to come out at the end of the year or the first quarter of 2023. She is well known for deleting many of her Instagram posts shortly after, so here is a screen shot below.