Chlöe Bailey turns down ❝Dancing with the Stars.❞

Apparently, Chlöe Bailey was forced to turn down ❝Dancing with the Stars,❞ due to scheduling conflicts, not necessarily because she didn’t want to. A small blessing in disguise right?  

A show like ❝Dancing with the Stars❞ often gets frowned upon because it is seen as a platform WASHED UP has-beens do to try and revive their lifeless careers. Doing the show did nothing for Normani's career, which has yet to take off. It just isn't the type of show for an up and coming young black singer. The worst that can happen is Chlöe getting voted off first week for attempting to slide in her signature p*ssy popping. The show itself is not that popular among younger viewers anyway. More than one-quarter of all viewers are over the age of 65, according to The New York Times. Old people and p*ssy popping equals failed gag reflex and a whole tonne of complaints. On a serious note, there would not have been any harm doing the show if it was something she wanted to do just for fun. 


Anonymous said...

Yea I’m glad she didn’t but lol @ coochie popping on the show.