Christina Aguilera breaks down 12 memorable looks for ❝Vogue.❞

Every girl who has worked for Disney at a young age has had a rebellious streak later on in their career. For Christina Aguilera, it was always going to be her controversial ❝Stripped❞ era. When she made the bold decision to rock ass-less chaps and basically nothing during that time, it caused drama. There was shock and disgust from the media, and her slutty transformation was not embraced. But the 22-year-old remained unapologetic, delivering one memorable fashion moment after another. 

At the age of 42, Christina still has fond memories expressing her sexuality. As she celebrates the 20 year anniversary of sophomore album ❝Stripped,❞ the pop star revisits some of her best outfits in a new Vogue ❝Life in Looks❞ video. Check it out below.