Ciara covers Allure & breaks down her most iconic music videos...

In her cover shoot for Allure magazine's November 2022 issue, Ciara says her upcoming new album is something she feels is closest to her first album. There's a lot of bass involved and it contains a strong R&B core. Basically, she is rehashing previous remarks while keeping her cards firmly close to her chest. Maybe she doesn't want to say too much because she doesn't want to give away the surprise element. But if she's going to do interviews, she is always going to get asked about that part of her career. After all, she is seen as an artist first over any beauty brand. Oh, and I just wanted to say she is very beautiful, and when it comes to photoshoots, she loves to do creative things with her hair. I love the colours and vibrancy of this shoot. Check out more from her feature here if you missed it.

Ciara breaks down her most iconic music videos:

Photography by Peter Ash Lee: