Toni Braxton injects life into Beyoncé’s new single, ❝Cuff It.❞

Not that the song needed more life, but Toni Braxton could really elevate it. TB fans are begging for the R&B veteran to jump on a ❝Cuff It❞ remix with Beyoncé after she was vibing out to the ❝Renaissance❞ cut in her downtime. Those lower registers AND contralto vocals together would certainly heal nations. And since Beyoncé has developed a severe allergy to releasing visuals this era, at least she could do this... for us. Let us all inject THAT. A collaboration would simply serve as icing on the cake!!!!

And in related news...
Bey's sister Kelly Rowland did a mean Toni impersonation during her recent visit to The Jennifer Hudson Show (cut to mark 1:50). 


Anonymous said...

She sounds better than Beyonce. She has REAL talent!