Ten epic fail performances that were both hilarious & tragic at the same time...

Before going on stage and performing live, every artist has to complete gruelling rehearsals and soundchecks to ensure everything goes according to plan on the night. Well... let's just say not everything goes according to plan on the night. Who fancies some hilarious light-hearted Sunday fun this evening? Yes? Okay... check out TEN massively epic fail of tragic and shocking (but very hilarious) performances from some of your favourite female artists below. 

 Ashlee Simpson's lip syncing scandal (the funniest one yet even after 18 years lol):

Fergie (possibly high on something) warbling away while cartwheeling on stage first thing in the early morning:

Mariah Carey literally stops pretending to sing and starts rambling on about the technical difficulties!

Cassie's struggle vocals horribly exposed:

Ashanti’s infamous bum scoot:

Michelle Williams almost dragging down Kelly with her:
Alicia Keys' voice tragically gives out:

Fergie DEMOLISHES the Star Spangled Banner (the ballers tried to hold it in):

Epic for all the wrong reasons! Carmit was blocked by Ashley and couldn't open her leg on the pole. The other performer ditched the chair routine when it fell! Melody comes out at the last minute with her off-key belting. The story behind this performance is that Nicole reportedly locked her up in the closet so she could not perform but she escaped! 

Mariah Carey gives one of the most laziest, lethargic performances you will ever see!


MKPhillips said...

Lol I went down memory lane with these videos.

Anonymous said...

Didn’t really see anything wrong with any of these performances tbh

Toya said...


Min said...

The PCD one is my favourite of all time! I love how Melody screams to make up for coming late.

Anonymous said...

Nicole Really Had The Whole Package, I Don't Know What Went Wrong With Her Solo Career. She Was Also Very Marketable.

Anonymous said...

She had an awful ear for music solo wise lol

Anonymous said...

This is super tacky. I’ve noticed over the years your posts becoming overly negative and bias and this solidifies it.