Doja Cat covers Variety magazine; discusses ❝masculine❞ new album for 2023

No more pinky stuff for Doja Cat! 

She believes her new album will be more masculine.❞ In an interview with Variety, Doja reveals that her next album won’t be as poppy as 2021’s ❝Planet Her.❞ There will be much more rap she reveals. ❝I know that I’ve done a lot of pink and soft things, a lot of pop and glittery sounds,❞ she said, ❝but for this next era, I’m going in a more masculine direction.❞ She also says she wants to explore the genre of punk: ❝I want to explore punk. But not pop-punk. I feel like we have enough pop-punk artists right now… I want to explore more of a raw, unfiltered, hardcore punk sort of thing.

This woman has shown her prowess in a multitude of genres so whatever direction she goes in will be top notch regardless. The new album is confirmed for 2023.