Rihanna & baby boy cover British Vogue; dishes on potential album release...

As well as introducing her newborn son and dishing on motherhood and her decision to finally do the Super Bowl, Rihanna tells British Vogue that she wants to drop her long awaited new album THIS YEAR. She states that it would be ❝ridiculous❞ for the project NOT to drop this year. But was she aware of her second pregnancy when making such remarks? The stunning photoshoot, which also features her beau A$AP Rocky was lensed by Inez & Vinoodh. It was done when paparazzi caught them on set and were able to secure themselves the money shots. Those money shots being the first photos of Rihanna's baby. I remember first seeing photos of them doing the shoot on Daily Mail and thinking how intrusive the pics really were. This was a family photoshoot that was made to introduce her son to the world and paps took that option away from her. She addresses this in the interview and was pissed. It was painfully obvious that her hand had been forced. 

In an attempt to block the paparazzi or at least stop them from profiting, she released the first photos of her son to celebrity blogger Jason Lee. She also uploaded a video of her cooing baby to TikTok. I still don’t understand how paparazzi is legal and why they're allowed to target celebrity children. It's a sick profession to be in, but I'm glad she got to introduce her adorable baby boy on her own terms.





Scoopz said...

She looks good, but now shes pregnant (and still got at least 5 months to go by the looks of things) the rest of this year is a write off in terms of any musical ambitions. Summer 2024 at the earliest if its ever gonna happen. But by then i think she'll be over it more than she already is now.

Toya said...