Rihanna pulls in huge ratings for the Super Bowl Halftime Show...

In news that will probably reduce Donald Trump to tears, Rihanna's Super Bowl LVII Halftime Show was watched by 118.7 million viewers. The biggest audience since Katy Perry in 2015! 
In fact, it's the second most-watched halftime show ever behind Perry's. The figure is also more than how many people voted for Trump.  113 million tuned in for the game. Searches for her Fenty Beauty line also soared by 833% after she promoted it during the performance. Ri was paid nothing for the Halftime show but the amazing thing about it is that she managed to turn 118 million Super Bowl eyeballs into profit! Some people were upset that she chose to do the Super Bowl while pregnant because they felt they were robbed a moment. Pregnant or not, the pace of her show would not have made that much of a difference because Rihanna has never been known for her dancing skills. So while some would have preferred she did more on the choreography front, it would never have been a realistic concept to begin with. But if you're just a diehard fan (like myself), you will just appreciate the performance for nostalgic reasons and just how iconic her discography really is!