Rihanna to perform at 95th Academy Awards...

Pregnant mommy Rihanna is werking! She will perform her Oscar-nominated song and ‘Black Panther: Wakanda Forever’ hit 'Lift Me Up' at the Academy Awards on March 12th. Ri attracted big ratings during her Super Bowl Halftime show, and Academy organisers want the same heat. They really should consider giving her the win for Best Original Song. Be sure to watch out for the angry lip-synching watch dogs preparing to riot. 


Anonymous said...

You’re so bias when it comes to Rihanna and you don’t even hide it, Toya! 😂😂

Jhunter said...

How is she bias? Rihanna does not lip-sync. Does she use backing track? Sure, just like every singer out there that performance on stage. But people are so butt heart that Rihanna refused to dance the way they want her to or sing the way they would like her to.

She refuse to be another Beyonce, Ciara, whom are great in their own rights. She refuse to bend to what others think she should be as an artist. She is "Rihanna" love it or not. There is no middle ground with her.

If you love a singer that does run's when singing, Rihanna is not for you. She keeps it simple with a very unique tone. If you want a singer that Dance's hard while singing to a backing track. Rihanna is not for you. To me she dances very calm and cool.

Rihanna is not gonna give you that hard head, swinging dance moves, or those church vocals with run's and all. This is what separate's her from her black pers.