Alicia Keys & Lil Mama hug it out...

Back in 2009, Brooklyn rapper Lil Mama infamously crashed Jay-Z and Alicia Keys' 'Empire State of Mind' performance during the 2009 VMAs. Both artists later criticized her for it, but when she attempted to reach out and apologize, neither of them responded. 
Jay-Z, who is strict on security, was understandably furious. Well, this week Lil Mama and Alicia were spotted hugging it out at the premiere of Teyana Taylor's new movie 'A Thousand and One.' At the time, Lil Mama was young and impulsive. She was just a born and bred New Yorker feeling herself in the moment. Did she deserve the ridicule and shunning that was hurled her way? Absolutely not. I recall Mama's career taking  a battering. A lot of shunning shortly followed. Nobody wanted to associate themselves with the circus clown that embarrassed herself on stage. 

But then, who's to say Jay-Z being the powerful man that he is, didn't put in some calls to sabotage her career? She did a disappearing act quite fast after that. It doesn't seem like his M.O. but who knows? Anyway, lessons were learnt, and Alicia was not going to begrudge her over something that happened over a decade ago. The love was certainly felt and Lil Mama was finally vindicated of her crimes. 



MKPhillips said...

I always thought people overreacted about this, and I still think they did.