Janet Jackson kicks off opening night of her ❝Together Again❞ tour...

Janet is practically a legacy act now.

The woman seems to nurture a preference for touring and performing her old hits but not dropping new music. She can get away with this. She's Janet Jackson. The music superstar kicked off her long-awaited 'Together Again' tour with a spectacular 40+ song set over the weekend at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Hollywood, Florida. 

Janet ran through some of her biggest hits, including 'Scream,' 'Rhythm Nation,' 'Black Cat,' 'All For You,' 'I Get Lonely' and 'What Have You Done for Me Lately.' 

Once again... legacies.



Full Setlist
1) Damita Jo
2) Together Again (DJ Premier Remix)
3) Feedback
4) So Much Betta
5) If
6) No Sleeep
7) Got 'Til It's Gone
8) That's The Way Love Goes
9) Enjoy
10) What Have You Done For Me Lately
11) Nasty
12) The Pleasure Principle
13) Because Of Love
14) When I Think Of You
15) Diamonds
16) The Best Things In Life Are Free
17) Control
18) When We Oooo
19) Together Again (Deeper Remix)
20) Come Back To Me
21) Let's Wait Awhile
22) Funny How Time Flies/Lonely
23) Again
24) Any Time, Any Place
25) I Get Lonely
26) Doesn't Really Matter
27) All For You
28) Come On Get Up
29) Throb/Free Xone
30) Boyfriend/Girlfriend
31) Like You Don't Love Me
32) Do It 2 Me
33) So Excited
34) The Knowledge
35) Miss You Much
36) Love Will Never Do (Without You)
37) Alright
38) Escapade
39) Scream
40) Black Cat
41) Rhythm Nation
42) Together Again (Original)


Anonymous said...

Love Janet.
BUT… she really needs a bigger theatrical stage. Like a Madonna or Beyoncé concert. This looks very Chloe Bailey concert vibes… just saying.

She also needs better costumes. These look like Project Runway rejects. With access to all types of designers at her finger tips, how come she always goes this cheap looking route? The last stage that worked week was the RockWitchu Tour from 2008.

I want more!!!