The Right Call: Rihanna pulls out of Glastonbury over pregnancy...

Unfortunately for the starved Navy, Rihanna was "forced to pull out of Glastonbury" this summer due to  the festival clashing with her due date. Rihanna announced that she and A$AP Rocky were expecting their second baby during her headlining Super Bowl performance in February. Disappointed fans expected to see her perform alongside Elton John and Arctic Monkeys. And apparently, there's been backlash over the festival's "pale, male and stale" line-up this year. Of course having Rihanna perform would have helped the festival fill their... diversity quota.

If it rings true that Rihanna cancelled her slot, it was definitely the right call. Beyoncé pulled out of Coachella originally because of pregnancy. The woman is a perfectionist. She would not want to do a monstrosity of a show like that if she could not perform to the best of her abilities. A year later, she headlined the festival at the expense of starving herself through a very strict diet, did 19-hour rehearsal days and completely lost the baby weight. I don't even think Beyoncé would have done the Super Bowl during a pregnancy because the gig would have been way too important to her, which is where the criticism for Rihanna comes in.  She received so much criticism for choosing to do the Super Bowl while pregnant because apparently, her set was "low energy" and she was hit with miming accusations. So in deed, it was the right call to pull out of Glastonbury. She would have been criticised for not dancing, not singing live, not performing new music. 

On another note, it is often asked why Rihanna would even be looking for exposure at this point, when it heavily implies an imminent musical comeback. She has already made it known that's not going to happen anytime soon. But then again, she said this knowing she was pregnant. And unlike Beyoncé and Coachella, she was never officially announced to headline Glastonbury anyway. However, if she chooses to do the festival next year, the release of a new album may very well be viable... at that point. The only thing the Navy can do right now is keep their fingers crossed.